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I was really happy to work with a couple of really hardworking and experienced realtors and I was happy to have the opportunity to photograph and chat with them. You can find the blog post over on my new photography blog.

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Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted, mostly because I was working really hard at the office and on my business. I now have a completely new blog set up on my own website and will be using that more an more. Please hop over and check it out – subscribe to the RSS feed to stay in touch with me and sign up for the monthly newsletter as well. I always include recipes, photography tips and tricks and be the first to hear about promotions. I would love to have you over!

Please check out my completely revamped website at! Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!  And if you’re in the greater Montreal area, you might want to grab this offer!  It’s a value of over $350!  Great holiday gift or a pamper session for yourself!


Yellow Warbler | Montreal Photographer

These are some of the cutest birds you’ll see during the summer. Yellow Warblers migrate to Montreal during the summer and nest here.

I recently got a new supertelelphoto lens and took this out for a field test.  I can’t say that I was 100% satisfied with the sharpness but that could be due to many factors.  I don’t want to bore you with all the technical details, but the most important factor that possibly played a part was the immense weight of the lens and camera.  The lens itself weighs close to 2 kilos and with the weight of the camera it’s a 3-kilo rig.  That wasn’t very easy for stabilization since my tripod gave way as well under the weight and handholding was difficult.  Therefore, I probably shouldn’t come to conclusive opinions about the sharpness.  Of course, one thing is for certain, the images will probably never come close to the Canon lens I had in the past, although the zoom wasn’t as long as it is on this one.







In the last shot, this little bird flew right in front of me and  I saw it’s beak full of bugs. I immediately realized that there must be a nest nearby and the babies were waiting to be fed.  I took a couple of shots and moved away. This is nesting season and I know that birds can abandon their nests with their babies in it, if they feel threatened.  We don’t want that to happen, do we!  I love Nature and wildlife and have tremendous respect for my surroundings.  When I’m outdoors, I make sure that I do not upset the balance or leave my footprints anywhere.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I will post more, shortly!

Baby Mael | Montreal Photographer

Mael came to be photographed when he was about 5 weeks old.  An adorable little thing, but he was a big boy!  He was so tall that he didn’t fit into any of my newborn baskets!  I found that incredibly cute!  And so we opted to put him on the poser and after fussing for a few minutes, he dropped off to sleep and looked like a little angel from heaven!  Look at how cute this little guy is, especially in the cute little hat his grandparents sent him! I had an awesome time with the little guy and his wonderful parents – such an incredibly gentle and sweet couple!  Here are a few shots from that session … enjoy!






The Apple and Cherry Blossom season was too short-lived. The rains came and washed the blooms away in a harsh swathe of water. The roads lay glistening for a while, adorned with pretty pink on either side. My regret – I didn’t have a camera to capture that beautiful yet sad demise of the flowers. But I did have a camera before the rains came and managed to preserve a few images of this year’s blooms.

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Apple Blossoms - Spring 2014

Apple Blossoms – Spring 2014

Apple Blosson

Apple Blossoms


Cherry Blossoms against a backdrop of Apple Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms against a backdrop of Apple Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Apple Blossoms - Pretty & Pink

Apple Blossoms – Pretty & Pink

Apple Blossom Buds

Apple Blossom Buds

Spring-ing into warmer weather | Montreal Photographer

It’s finally warmer, greener and really beautiful here in Montreal!  The temperatures are still cool enough to require a light jacket in the mornings and evenings.  But I am not going to complain one bit!  We’ve had a really long and harsh winter, and it’s time to put that in the past and go forward with this beautiful season!

I love every season – honest to God, I do!  But there are some things from each season that I particularly love and for Spring, it’s the tulips, the cherry, apple and magnolia blossoms and the advent of the swallows from the southern states!  But what sucks for me this year is that I don’t have any zoom lenses – I traded my Nikon camera along with the long zoom lens for a pro-level camera, and now I can’t do all the birding I love to do every year around this time.  I’ve already seen the Juncos, the thrushes and even the odd Catbird. The Goldeneyes were on the river too!  But I had absolutely no way to photograph them!  Maybe I’ll get myself a rental! 🙂

Here are some photos from the Canadian Tulip Festival that takes place in the capital city of Ottawa.  It’s supposed to be the largest tulip display in the world, although I think it’s kinda petered out a bit.  Facts state that there are about a million tulips displayed throughout the city of Ottawa during the festival every year, but I’m not sure if that still holds true.

This is the history, according to Wikipedia:

In 1945, the Dutch royal family sent 100,000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa in gratitude for Canadians having sheltered Princess Juliana and her daughters for the preceding three years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, in the Second World War.

The most noteworthy event during their time in Canada was the birth in 1943 of Princess Margriet to Princess Juliana at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. The maternity ward was declared to be officially a temporary part of international territory, so that she would be born in no country and would inherit only her Dutch citizenship from her mother. In 1946, Juliana sent another 20,500 bulbs requesting that a display be created for the hospital, and promised to send 10,000 more bulbs each year.

Princess Margriet returns to Ottawa to attend the Canadian Tulip Festival in May 2002.

In the years following Queen Juliana’s original donation, Ottawa became famous for its tulips and in 1953 the Ottawa Board of Trade and photographer Malak Karsh organized the first “Canadian Tulip Festival”. Queen Juliana returned to celebrate the festival in 1967, and Princess Margriet returned in 2002 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival.

And now for some photos that I took during my visit.  The sun was overhead as I was there around 2 pm after a hearty Indian meal, and all I’d wanted to do then was to take a siesta instead of be at the fiesta!  But I love these flowers so much, I somehow forgot my discomfort from my bingeing, and clicked a few photos.  Enjoy!







The Cutest 9-Month Old | Montreal Photographer

This was the 9-month shoot with this adorable little girl! She’s just so cute, it’s unbelievable! She has been a star model for all this while, and at the time of photographing her a few weeks ago, she was able to sit up on her knees and crawl around! Nothing in the world can compare with her cute, impish little smiles, and the single unshed tear when she was tired of us changing her every few minutes! What a trooper! I got so many beautiful shots of her, it was hard to pick the best ones!

I can’t wait to see her for her 1 year shoot coming up soon!

Philipp | Montreal Portrait Photographer

This was long overdue, and so are my other posts! The images from various shoots are languishing on my hard drive! Time to clean the digital dust and air them out a bit, don’t you think?

Philipp was visiting from Germany and looking at him, I knew I would have to get him in front of my camera! He was as enthusiastic I was, and we had a great shoot together! I don’t often get a chance to photograph men, so I can’t say I was super confident about it, because I had to try so hard not to pose him like a woman! It was a challenge!

I have updated my website with some of my favourite images from this shoot! Go check them out and tell me what you think! Please don’t be harsh, though – lay it down easy, ok? 🙂

10 Days New | Montreal Newborn Photographer


I have to be honest about the fact that I’m really struggling to keep up with the blog, Facebook and the rest of the social media.  I know I keep falling off the face of the earth and then all of a sudden I try to climb back up and I bet you can almost see me trying to push myself up from the other side of the precipice, clawing at all the mud and dust in an attempt to get a foothold!  Well, at least I tried to get back up, didn’t I?  🙂

I did this session just over 3 months ago!  How do I remember that?  It’s because this adorable little baby came back for his 3-month session already when I realized that I hadn’t posted his images from his newborn session!  What a shame!  Of course, I know some of you have already seen a couple of images that recently appeared in an article I wrote.  However, that doesn’t justify my lagging behind!

The parents are so fun to work with and I love the fact that they don’t mind trying anything at all!  They are deeply involved in the entire process from prep to shoot to delivery and it just couldn’t get any better!  When the parents are so invested in the shoot, it’s like a virtual pat on my back and I try harder to make it worthwhile for them!  If someone takes the trouble to come to me, I feel truly humbled by their trust!  And this wasn’t their first time!

Of course they’re young, energetic and that really helps!  But honestly, I was quite surprised by their being so hands on with the shoot mere days after the new arrival!  The baby was a charming little thing – not a whimper out of him despite the number of times we changed him, put him into all sorts of poses, and generally played with him like he was a little mannequin instead of a little human baby!  He was exactly the same way when he came for his 3-month shoot!  But I don’t want to talk about that just yet…

I hope to share his 3-month session images soon!  But not before I share the images from the other shoots I also did in between!  You can find more photos of this darling little boy on my website!